Somethings you should Know about Virginia Beach

What you need to know about Virginia Beach, before you move here.

For those of use who have lived here all our lives it is easy to not fully appreciate what we have here, conversely it is hard for us to imagine what it is like for those who are moving to the area. My wife and I have started traveling again, and it has never ceased to amaze us the differences between Virginia Beach, let alone Hampton Roads, when compared to most other cities.

First thing that will be plainly obvious is the shear size of Virginia Beach, the entire city consists of 497 square miles and has a population of 453,000 (rounded up, 2015 Census). Virginia has 38 Independent cities, and Virginia Beach is just one of them. Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Chesapeake brings the total population of South Hampton roads to over 900,000. Throughout Virginia beach you will find boroughs such as Kempsville, Bayside, Princess Anne etc. These are like small towns within Virginia beach, each with its own police department and fire department and there are 9 fully modern awesome Recreation Centers that cost less than 200 per year to join!!!. Many of these boroughs are as large, if not larger, than most towns found in Virginia.

Many who move to Virginia beach want to live near the beach, then realize many of the homes are priced outside their reach. This results in the home search moving Westward, but be careful!! If you and your family plan to spend the summers at the beach, it is easy to be almost 30 minutes from the Ocean Front, by interstate, and yes you will still be in Virginia Beach!! What I am trying to convey here is that Virginia Beach IS LARGE, it is one of the largest cities in Virginia

Consider the life styles too. We are about coastal living, well for the most part. Along the shore which goes from the shores of the Atlantic Ocean , up to the Chesapeake Bay and down the Lynnhaven inlet you will find people who embrace the coast life style. These are people who spend time on the water fishing, crabbing, boating, surfing or any combination. In addition, the life style doesn’t just end on the surface of the water, there is the local seafood too! From Blue crabs to the local catch of the day, the camaraderie that is found at local eateries such a Buoy 44 Seafood Grill and the micro breweries like Common Wealth Brewing Company.

If the coastal life sounds inviting to you and would like to explore moving to Virginia Beach, or the Hampton Roads area, contact us and we’ll help you navigate the South Hampton Roads Real Estate Market