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Buying a home you need tools that help you make the right choices

Ready to purchase a home in Hampton roads? We have the tools to make your home buying experience fun and stressfree.

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Your home buyers toolkit contains six very specific tools to help you in your quest to purchase a new home.

Your free TOOL KIT

Mortgage Calculator

Estimate your monthly mortgage. This tool is very helpful tool, it helps you determine how much mortgage you are comfortable with, and when making an offer it helps you keep put your mortgage in perspective.
For example, lets say a home is listed for $250,000 and you are in negotiations and we determine your first offer should be $238,000 ( after you add the taxes and interest rates ) your estimated mortgage would be $1,592.74. We submit your offer, the seller comes counters with $245,000. When you visit the Mortgage calculator you find that the loan at $245,000 would be 1,633.46. The difference in terms of your monthly payment is only $40.72.
By using our Mortgage calculator you can keep your offers in perspective.


This tool helps you determine if renting a home, or purchasing one makes more sense over a period of time. It breaks down the expense of owning a home and renting a home in terms of dollars over the period of time you select. Then it shows if renting or buying would save you money.

Home Search Phone App
As you search for homes, one of the most convenient tools you have at your disposal is your smart phone. Over the last year Century 21 has worked hard to develop a mobile app for home buyers. It is designed with all the features that you would need to help locate the homes you like. GPS enabled map search, search by map location by selecting areas, set your criteria, save your favorite homes, request tours, ask questions and the list goes on.
Unlike large web portals, this App will not sell your information to “Premiere” agents who pay a premium to learn who you are. After all you want to search for homes, not be inundated by calls from agents you have never heard of!

  • Fresh current data of homes that are available for sale
  • We don’t sell your information to other agents
  • Application is designed with your needs in mind
  • Immediately contact your agent for information, or to schedule a property tour

Home Search Computer

Search for homes using your computer in the comfort of your home, many of the same features as the mobile application

Home Value Estimator

Have you found a home that you like, use this tool to build a mini CMA, it gives a snap shot of what the homes value is based on recent sales. Once you see the home, your agent will be able to provide a more in depth valuation based on many other determining aspects of the house and neighborhood.

Sean Schroeder your Local agent
Your most important tool is your agent. Sean Schroeder has been a full-time real estate agent since 2004. He keeps his eye on the local real estate markets, tours listed homes on a regular bases to say regarding what the market is offering in terms of cost and quality.
He makes these tours available on his website under “Properties I’ve Toured

You are invited to use the above Home Buyers Tool Kit to help you on your quest to purchase a new home.

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